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It Started With

A Bicycle…

2018 Giving Campaign


2018 Giving Campaign

It Started With A Bicycle…

Our journey traces back to our founder’s, Muyambi Muyambi’s, own story of finding himself on the back of a neighbor’s bike when he had malaria as a child. He owes his life being saved to that bike for getting him to the hospital quickly. In bikes Muyambi began to see freedom, empowerment, and opportunity.

BAP’s mission when we began was to provide bikes to rural Ugandans to improve their livelihood. We have distributed over 3,000 bikes in Northern Uganda which are impacting over 15,000 Ugandans.


…but it didn’t stop there.


Our impact starts with a bike but it doesn’t stop there. Over the past four years we have seen bicycles be used as an amazing tool for increasing income, providing access to healthcare, and accessing critical resources.

But it’s bigger than just bikes! We’ve realized the true power in our model is providing access to credit. When a person has the opportunity to invest in a productive asset, they can invest in tools that will work for them and allow them to propel forward.

We’re on a mission to provide the opportunity to invest to rural Ugandans who are often financially excluded based on distance and status.


We’re Rapidly Expanding



We have expanded our operations and impact from distributing 200 bicycles every year to nearly 1,000! Just this year we hit the 3,000 mark for the total number of bikes we have distributed.



In order to expand our impact across East Africa, we are launching new branches to reach more Ugandans. This year we launched a new branch in Lira, Uganda!



The strength of our model lies in our ability to allow smallholder farmers to invest. We’ve expanded our product offering to include more income-generating assets (e.g oxen & plow, grinding machines, motorcycles, etc.) that work to propel farmers forward.



At BAP, we need a strong, sustainable, and resilient team in order to execute our mission. We’ve more than doubled our team over the past year and we are still growing!


Just like our own journey, our participants’ journey begins with a bicycle.

Okidi Roberts

It Started With A Bike

Okidi Roberts’ journey started with a bike. Okidi was one of our first customers in 2014. His bike was such a good investment that him and his wife decided to get a second bike. But it didn’t stop there. Okidi went on to invest in other loans from BAP such as solar and in December 2017, he was one of our first to take an Oxen and Plow loan. With every loan Okidi is becoming closer to achieving his dreams!


Where We’re Going

BAP is committed to working with more Ugandans: participants that grow with us as we have grown—who we can invest in, year over year, and work to help them and their families increase income. Our goal is to reach 10,000 smallholder farmers over the next three years and to scale nationwide through the addition of new branches across Uganda. We envision a world where everyone has the means to thrive, not just survive.

In order to continue our rapid expansion, we are asking our supporters to consider giving in increments of a bicycle, at $100.  We’re looking to raise $150,000 by the end of the year in order to scale our operations and grow our impact


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