Ojok James: From Bicycle to Grinding Machine

Ojok James

Ojok James is a retired Ugandan soldier who spends his days running his family’s farm. Ojok’s journey with BAP began in 2017, when his wife, Liddy, took a bicycle loan. The bicycle boosted the family’s farming business by helping reach markets further away to sell crops for a higher price.

Ojok was so impressed in the way his wife was able to use the bicycle to benefit the family that he went on to invest in other products from BAP. Their next investment was a grinding mill from BAP in 2018.

The benefits of a grinding machine entail being able to open a small business that makes money through allowing neighbors to pay to utilize the machine. An added benefit is that it allows both Ojok and his community to save on travel costs by having a machine in their village, instead of having to travel to town to access one. The grinding machine is not just creating access for his family but is creating access for a whole community.


"I have seen my income greatly increase."

Ojok’s grinding machine has turned into a family business that he runs with his daughter. The added income the business brings is allowing Ojok to invest in the dreams he has for his family. He is looking forward to investing in more loans from BAP that will continue to alllow him to propel his family forward.

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