Oyet Jimmy: From Bicycle to Motorcycle


Oyet Jimmy's journey with BAP started with a bicycle. Jimmy first heard about a bicycle loan with BAP when a loan officer visited his village savings group. Like many of the members, Jimmy took a bicycle loan and used his bicycle to go farther than ever before.

“Many of my neighbors have BAP bicycles.”

When Jimmy learned that he could invest in other products from BAP, beyond bikes, he was very excited. Jimmy quickly paid off his bicycle and even helped other members of his savings group pay off their bikes.

Jimmy went on to invest in a motorcycle loan from BAP. The motorcycle has given him the ability to launch a taxi business which is helping him to more than double his income.


"I like BAP because they are very fast. It took me just one week to be approved for my loan."

Jimmy likes BAP because our services are fast and convenient. He can pay for his loan via mobile money which saves him time and allows him to pay off his loan even faster. With his motorcycle, Jimmy is going the distance and closing the gap between him and his dreams!

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