Couple Goes The Distance For Bicycles Against Poverty

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Distance should not be a barrier to access and opportunity. This belief fuels our work at Bicycles Against Poverty but it is also fueling a couple’s cycling journey across the world.

On May 2nd, 2018, William Harris and Nahia Antoranz began a cycling journey from Bilbao, Spain to Thailand. When the couple first set out on this journey, they wanted to ensure it stood for something, other than two twenty-somethings wanting to experience the world by bicycle.


The couple, who both attended Bucknell University, remembered the work that BAP’s founders, Muyambi Muyambi and Molly Burke, started all those years back at Bucknell, when BAP was still just a student organization. The couple felt that BAP’s mission best fit with the purpose of their journey.

“The bicycle is a simple machine, but riding a bicycle can also be one of life’s most enjoyable pleasures. It is a sustainable form of transportation which can have a huge impact on the mobility of people and their livelihoods. The work and mission of BAP is about just that; empowering people by giving them access to tools which can change their lives.”

-William & Nahia

6,000 km, 7 months, and 12 countries later, the couple is half way through their journey. Starting from Bilbao, Spain they’ve cycled through Europe's mountains and seas via Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria and have finally arrived in Georgia where they plan to work and wait out the winter. Their goal is to reach Thailand by June 2019.

The best part of their journey has been meeting and interacting with the people they’ve come across while traveling. The couple has found most of the people that they have encountered to be very friendly and welcoming. They have had people offer them everything from coffee to a place to sleep.

Their least favorite part of the journey has been the weather; the rain has by far been the worst part of their experience. Although, they say being chased by wild dogs in Macedonia wasn’t much fun either.

“Cycle traveling has the same speed as butterflies.”

Will and Nahia are enjoying traveling the world at a slow pace. They hope to inspire people to adventure, whether that's catching a new bus route, going to a new neighborhood or exploring a new passion; people should adventure more.

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After 7 months and 12 countries under their belts, their appreciation for bicycles has only grown. Their goal is to raise $2,000, which will fund 20 BAP bicycles. They’re excited to raise funds because BAP gives people the opportunity to grow and become more financially independent while working to increase their quality of life. Learn more about Will and Nahia’s journey on their website: Forget Your Map.

Will and Nahia’s commitment to go the distance to raise awareness and funds inspires us. BAP is on a mission to double our impact in 2019 by distributing 3,000 loans. Like Will and Nahia, you can be a part of journey too, and you don’t even have to pick up a bicycle. Donate today to help us get life changing assets into the hands of even more Ugandans.

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