Lamaro Kevin: From Bicycle to Oxen and Plow


Lamaro Kevin is a farmer in Omunya Village in Omoro District in Northern Uganda. She farms to feed and care for her five children. Lamaro first heard about BAP when a loan officer visited her village savings group. Like many of the group’s members, Lamaro decided to take a bicycle loan from BAP.

The bicycle helped her with her farming business and enabled her to transport her harvest to markets farther away to make more money. However, she found that one bicycle wasn't enough to meet the needs of her family and business so she paid it off quickly and went on to invest in another bicycle from BAP.

Two bicycles meant both Lamaro and her husband could utilize the bicycles to provide for their family. The bicycles help them carry their children to school, make it easier to transport firewood, and help Lamaro to more efficiently run her farm. Lamaro uses her increased savings to invest back in her business to further grow her profits. But Lamaro’s journey didn’t end at bikes.


Lamaro went on to invest in other loans from BAP starting with a solar light loan. The solar light brings light to the dark nights, makes her home safer by preventing fires, and allows her to charge electronics in her home. This loan is helping Lamaro and her family light their way forward.

In 2017, Lamaro was one of the first to invest in an oxen & plow loan from BAP. The oxen allow her to double the amount of land she can till in one season to grow her harvest. The oxen can also be rented out to neighbors as an additional source of income.

“BAP has chased poverty away from my house.” -Lamaro Kevin

Lamaro has big dreams for her family, her land, and her community. The loans she has taken from BAP have allowed her to shorten the distance and close the gap between her and her dreams. Lamaro says she is looking forward to next taking a motorcycle loan from BAP to help her continue to go the distance to achieve her dreams.

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