Okidi Roberts: From Bicycle to Oxen & Plow

Okidi Roberts

Okidi Roberts is a farmer in Omunya Village in Omoro District in Northern Uganda. Okidi farms to feed and care for his family. The soil in Northern Uganda is some of the richest in the world and Okidi has big dreams for his land, his family, and his community.


Being a farmer in Northern Uganda is not easy. Very many farmers lack access to the tools they need to grow their business. Okidi was one of BAP’s very first customers in 2014.

Okidi’s journey with BAP started with a bicycle…

In 2014, Okidi picked his very first bicycle loan from BAP. This bike was useful in helping Okidi carry more to the market and go farther to sell his crops at a higher price.


Okidi’s first bike was such a good investment that him and his wife decided to pick a second bicycle loan from BAP. With two bicycles, Okidi was able to grow his farming business and provide a means for his four children to reach their school.

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Okidi’s journey with BAP didn’t stop at bicycles…

Okidi and his family went on to invest in more income-generating products from BAP. The next product they chose was a solar loan. Okidi and his family could light their way forward by having a reliable source of energy.

In December of 2017, Okidi was one of the first to take an Oxen and Plow loan. Now Okidi can plow twice the amount of land to gain a bigger harvest.


“One day my children will farm here.”

Okidi’s land has been in his family for generations. The soil is very fertile and some of the most arable in the world. He has big dreams for his family, his land, and his community. By being able to invest in income-generating assets, Okidi is on his way to reaching those dreams.


“As I’m talking to you now, I’m gaining!”

Bicycle’s Against Poverty is committed to the principle that everyone deserves the opportunity to invest in tools that propel them forward. Distance shouldn’t be a barrier to access and opportunity.

At BAP, we are committed to working with more participants, like Okidi, customers that have grown with us as we have grown; who we can invest in, year over year.

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