We believe it's not just a bicycle, but a tool that changes lives.

 Our focus is to distribute bicycles to rural African communities to improve standard of living. We provide bicycles, on a least to own basis to Ugandans to help them access clean water, health care, markets and schools, water, health care, markets and school. 

Lack of transportation means inaccessibility to life's most critical resources. 


Clean Water

On average the closest clean water source is three miles away.



On average the closest health clinic source is five miles away.



On average the closest school is three miles away.



On average the closest market is at least six miles away.

This is where we come in.

We identify communities where bikes have the most to offer. By selling our bikes on a lease to own basis, we make it possible for our clients to purchase bikes, when they previously could not afford it.

A bike makes all the difference.

A bicycle means faster, farther, more frequently. Read how here



We've distributed over 1,800 bicycles in 30 communities, thus impacting over 9,000 Ugandans. 

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A bicycle owner is able to go faster, farther, more frequently to access clean water, healthcare, schools, and markets.

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